CLASSIC SLIDERS  (3)  aged cheddar. bacon jam. garlic aioli. fries |13

MEATBALLS  marinara. pancetta. roasted garlic.  house made ricotta. toast. | 12

FIRE ROASTED ARTICHOKE  garlic mayo. balsamic aioli |  9

SOFT PRETZEL  beer cheese sauce.  sweet  Bavarian mustard  | 9

BUFFALO WINGS  spicy wing sauce. celery. buttermilk ranch | 10

SPINACH DIP  four cheese blend. fresh tortilla chips. sliced baguette | 11

QUESADILLA  asada or chicken. jack. cheddar. fire roasted salsa. sour cream. guac | 10

PULLED PORK SLIDERS (3)  slow roasted pulled pork. house bbq. slaw. fries | 12

NACHOS   asada or chicken. jack. cheddar. red onion. cilantro. tomato. guac. pinto beans |11

CHARRED BRUSSELS SPROUTS    bacon. red onion. cider vinaigrette. parmesan. baguette | 9

FIELD GREENS  sweet red onion. tomato. croutons. house balsamic | 6

FRIED GOAT CHEESE & STRAWBERRY SALAD  field greens. walnuts. champagne vinaigrette |  11

STEAK SALAD  flat iron. greens. blue crumbles. tomato. red onion. mushrooms. vinaigrette |14

APPLE WALNUT SALAD  field greens. candied walnuts. crumbled bleu. red onion. raspberry vinaigrette | 10

BUFFALO CHICKEN SALAD  chopped greens. red onion. crumbled bleu. tomato. buttermilk ranch | 12

CHILI  chunky beef and pork. topped with cheese & onions | cup 4   bowl 7

CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP  house recipe with tortilla strips and shredded cheese | cup 4   bowl  7

Add grilled chicken to any salad + $3

CHORIZO  olive oil. chorizo. pickled jalapeno. mozzarella. cotija. grilled onion. chipotle crema  | 14

MANGO JALAPENO  olive oil. mozzarella. applewood smoked bacon. fresh basil. garlic | 14

PULLED PORK house bbq. roasted pineapple. caramelized onion. mozzarella. smoked gouda. cilantro | 14

GRILLED PIZZA  olive oil. garlic. mozzarella. feta. chicken. spinach. sauteed mushrooms. balsamic | 14

MARGHERITA  olive oil. garlic. mozzarella. fresh basil. roma tomato | 13

BBQ CHICKEN  house bbq. grilled chicken. mozzarella. smoked gouda. cilantro. red onion | 14

GRILLED SHRIMP  olive oil. garlic. mozzarella. carmelized onion. tomato. fresh basil | 14

NEW YORK  tomato sauce. mozzarella. pepperoni. italian sausage. mushrooms. red onion | 14

ARUGULA  olive oil. garlic. mozzarella. prosciutto. artichoke hearts. black olive. parmesan | 14


 w/ fries ~ sub tots, sweet potato fries or mixed greens + $2

HOUSE BURGER  sharp cheddar. bacon jam. pickled onions. arugula. tomato. dressing | 13

JALAPENO CREAM CHEESE  grilled onions. roma tomato. lettuce. dressing | 13

BBQ BACON  house bbq. applewood smoked bacon. cheddar. grilled onions. lettuce. dressing |13

BLUES  crumbled bleu cheese. grilled onions. tomato. lettuce. dressing | 13

VEGGIE  house black bean & quinoa patty. grilled onions. lettuce. tomato. dressing |13

BACON BRIE MELT  applewood smoked bacon. grilled onions. garlic mayo. grilled sourdough |13


 w/ fries ~ sub tots, sweet potato fries or mixed greens + $2

SHORT RIB GRILLED CHEESE   monterey jack. pickled onions. arugula. garlic aioli. sourdough  | 13

PRIME RIB DIP  daily roasted prime rib. garlic aioli. creamy horseradish. red wine au jus. baguette | 13

PULLED PORK SANDWICH  slow roasted pork. house bbq. brie. slaw. roll  12

BALSAMIC CHICKEN   candied walnuts. blue crumbles. romaine. balsamic. red onion. garlic aioli. roll | 12

ROASTED TURKEY  mozzarella. pickled onions. tomato. arugula. pesto aioli. vinaigrette. sourdough  | 12

CAJUN CHICKEN SANDWICH    mozzarella. spicy aioli. romaine. tomato. grilled sourdough | 12

CAESAR MELT   chicken breast. applewood smoked bacon. mozzarella. romaine. tomato. caesar. roll | 12


FLAT IRON STEAK  chimichurri. house fries. grilled asparagus  | 14

SHORT RIB TACOS (3)   braised short rib. avocado crema. pickled onions. cilantro. cotija cheese | 13

FISH & CHIPS   beer battered market fish. fries. cole slaw. tartar sauce | 13

BAJA TACOS (3)   grilled shrimp or battered fish. cabbage. pico. baja sauce | 12


BREAD PUDDING BITES  panko crusted. salted caramel. powdered sugar | 6

SCHOONER SUNDAE  vanilla ice cream. warm brownie. chocolate sauce. whipped cream | 6

BREAD PUDDING BITES  panko crusted. salted caramel. powdered sugar | 6

SCHOONER SUNDAE  vanilla ice cream. warm brownie. chocolate sauce. whipped cream | 6

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